Rectangles around the month


After installing the i3 version of Manjaro
i’m getting these rectangles around the month.
i think it’s not displaying the date correctly because i set the region to Asia/Seoul. Is this a bug? And does anyone know how to fix this?

i can’t neither embed the screenshot nor paste the link. Sorry.

Hi and welcome to the Forum!

This is probably a font issue, caused by the default font Bitstream Vera Sans in the conky files that get called when starting your session.

I had the same issue when trying the i3 edition in my native language (Greek) - the day and month were not displayed in the conky.

In my case, I replaced the default font in the two conky configuration files that get loaded on startup with DejaVu Sans, which is already preinstalled in the edition. In your case, it might be necessary to install additional fonts as mentioned in the Arch Wiki. Give DejaVu Sans a try and if it doesn’t work, install a font from the Arch Wiki article.

The two default configuration files of conky that get called on startup are these:


Bare in mind that these two files will get overwritten when the package conky-i3 gets updated to a newer version.

A better solution would be to copy these two files somewhere in your home directory, make the changes in the fonts and edit your i3 config file so that conky calls these two files when you start your session.
Doing so, you’ll know that the files won’t get overwritten after a system update.

Hope that helps!

That worked!

Thank you so much!

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