Rectangle instead of Text on Dmenu

Hi. I installed manjaro-bspwm via manjaro-architect. I have not installed anything and yet my Dmenu is showing only rectangles after the the icons as shown on the images below. I have noto-fonts installed. Please help me fix this cause its to go on if i cant see the menu correctly.


Read the announcement about Pango dropping support for bitmap fonts.

You can use terminess-powerline for replacement of terminus font. Or any other mono space font.

I checked this one. But the forum post is too technical for me to digest. Can there be anyway that I can work this out? So if Pango doesnt support such things, what can a common user like me do now? haha. Sorry for being noob here. Is there any command that I should run or anything that I should install?

So I installed the font from and set my font on the settings to be one of those mono space fonts. But nothing happens. Am i missing something?

Install noto-fonts-cjk and see if makes a difference. It was mentioned right after the GIT Link announcement.

Isn't noto-fonts-cjk for other asian characters (chineese/japaneese/korean)? Im not any of those...haha.

Ah, you are right :smiley: hehe

I installed it still, and yeah its for other asian languages.

Any other bspwm users here who have made a workaround for this? Im using this for work. But Its hard to continue if the menu is like this.

If the
sudo pacman -S powerline-fonts
and changing the fonts doesn't help

pamac build terminess-powerline-font-git
and then change the fonts
This should do it.

Last resort is
downgrade pango
and select a version previous to the last :slight_smile:

Yes, you have to change the font in rofimenu theme, rofi theme, dmenurc, limepanelrc and sterminalrc. All of those have separate config files for fonts.

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I'm using i3, had the same issue with Terminus and this is what I did.

Hi Chrysostomus, im trying to do what you have said but I have some questions.

On .limepanelrc, I see 3 font entries: mainfont, iconfont and thirdfont. So do I have to change all of these? If I have to change mainfont, i wonder what the extra asteriks and dashes do (--terminus-medium----18-------*).

So here are the fonts I have, Im planning to use "Ubuntu Mono derivative Powerline". Is that a correct font for this?

So here in .dmenurc, the font was set to "Terminus-15" and I dont see that font on my settings font, so probably a different format here to indicate the font I want to use?

Sorry for many questions. Im completely noob to this.

Its the old bitmap font format, no need to think about it since bitmap fonts no longer work. [quote="Gherico63gx, post:12, topic:97717"]
So here are the fonts I have, Im planning to use "Ubuntu Mono derivative Powerline". Is that a correct font for this?

You can use that, or just copy the icon font value to the main font and adjust the size.

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