Recovery of grub Manjaro after a bios update - grub desappeared

I had the idea to update the bios on my motherboard (B450 MSI gaming). I had Windows 10 and Manjaro working fine. After the update my manjaro boot option disappeared. Windows 10 is the only choice and work fine. It seems that grub was remove.
I look around to see a reliable way to restore it but it is all over the place and not up to date.

I have an brand new UEFI system with the boot drive an M2 with windows and manjaro on it.

I tried one which require to mount the efi partition in /mnt/ (/dev/nvme0n1p2) and "sudo grub-install ..." but this part fail with grub-install error : impossible to obtain the canonical path overlay.

Is there a safe procedure to recover grub without reinstalling the dawn thing again ?

did you go to the bios to re-config your system ?

a bios update will reset back your bios to defaults which

for sure will reactivate secureboot etc ...

Yes first thing I have check and I always disable secure boot (it was always off by default if I remember). After the bios update, the system reboot in CSM mode in windows since I couldn't get into the bios. After reboot I place it back to UEFI (secure boot still off) and windows still work fine. No trace of manjaro though.
UEFI booting is a nightmare to use.

Give this a read. :slight_smile:

with update Bios , pref and profile are reset ,
check all options in bios
CSM , legacy , fastboot off , AHCI for NMVE or SSD ( not raid ) , mays be only keep USB storage
and boot on USB install manjaro

Na that didn't work either. It just create a new windows entry which does nothing. I am pretty familiar with bios and I already check everything. That's not that. There is a couple of grub recovery procedures but I am not sure if they are up to date with all the latest hardware and the rapid change of Linux. Risky.

With the prospect of loosing windows too, I finally decide to re-install Manjaro. A few more hours again to set it all up. From my experience I have never seen a bios update wipe out a boot drive entry. UEFI has seriously complicate thing with startup logic.

So no more bios updates for me ...If it is not broken don't try to fix it.

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