Recompile kernel for fun

Hello there,

I was wondering if there is some specific Manjaro documentation out there about recompiling the kernel.

This is not (just) about booting times (well we all like a couple of seconds less while booting uh?)

I want to learn and grow and....mess up with my computer until it is fixed again


I have absolutely no experience in this area AT ALL.

Anyone has any documentation I can use as starting point? Any suggestion?

You've been here long enough. What do your search results reveal?

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they reveal that I was not able to find an organised documentation specific to Manjaro about this. It maybe out there somewhere and I can't find it so I'm asking for help to more experienced guys like you probably are. Hello btw :slight_smile: nice to meet you

What you mean with "long enough"? I've installed Manjaro a couple of weeks ago and learned A LOT but that's quite easy to say when you start from basically nothing

Then you haven't searched very hard:

There it is ^

We'll see.


Still nice to meet you even if you don't feel like that, thanks :slight_smile: That's very extremely messy, I was looking for wiki stuff.

Thank you @SGS that's exactly what I was looking for

I mean you have 12 hours reading time in these forums--good on you! (I wish others did as much.) That means you've been around here long enough not to ask Help Vampire-ish questions.

Just in case you somehow missed out on all that fun, here's a really cool treatise by none other than the Master himself (not Linus):

We're all here to help each other. The more you help yourself, the easier you make it for us to help you. :smiley:

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Well the general procedure on how to compile a kernel has been explained quite often...

But once again:

  • git clone the Manjaro kernel you want to change/modify/rebuild
  • edit PKGBUILD and add your patches (if you have any), uncomment one of the config lines to enable configuration UI
  • run makepkg -s and install with pacman -U

Careful, if you don't change the name of the kernel, and if you already have the same kernel installed, it will be overwritten.
You also need to take care of any extramodules your hardware might need.


On topic: How to compile the mainline Kernel the Manjaro way

More information can be found with a little effort, here on the forum, on the Arch wiki, and more generally on the internet.

As you said, contributions are voluntary, that's why I'm not going to make the effort for you :slight_smile:


Seems like the OPs question was answered.

Thread has been pruned of all the bonus conversation.