Recommended way to virtualize Win10

Dear Team,

Looking to virtualize Win10 with GPU passthrough.

  • Could I dedicate an SSD to either or both VMs? Or would I be better off with a qcow file on a separate SSD, so that I could do snapshots to a NAS for example? I guess with the latter I would not need to pass through any other device to the VMs like a SATA controller to gain speed or something…

  • Tryin to find out which USB ports, or controllers to pass through, so that I could switch between VM and the Host with a simple re-plug of keyboard or mouse. I think I could end up with being unable to control the host

  • Manjaro would only be used as a subsystem to Windows VM, could I then uninstall gui stuff and just run the VMs ‘headless’ via terminal?

  • To what extent can I declutter the Manjaro system, is there a default minimal text install perhaps? Not as if the testing Win10 VM was sluggish, despite of my HW being quite outdated :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any suggestions / considerations

I edited your topic and removed the unnecessary information from it. We do not indulge “those”.

For GPU passthrough this is the place to go.

Manjaro is not cluttered.


rephrasing, I meant to turn off the things that aren’t needed, e.g. gui / X for the purpose of running my VMs.