Recommended NON flat themes and NON flat icons for my Manjaro Cinnamon?



Could you share me your preferred NON flat themes and NON flat icons themes you use with your Manjaro Cinnamon ?

I’m tired of seeing that flat themes !!



This is entirely subjective and you’ll never get a perfect answer.

Instead, go to and browse until you find something you like.

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Gnome look is where i searched and not found what i am looking for, so i ask here.

I don’t want a perfect answer, i just want some choice or advice…

I don’t think it’s a newbie question but rather to know what people are using as a theme other than flat.



If you can’t find something you like on GNOME Look then it probably doesn’t exist. :man_shrugging:


Theme: Adwaita-manjaro
Desktop bar: Cinnamon
Icons: Delft


Thanks @Lolix

I use the Obsidian Icon theme from the same as Delft ! look great
Adwaita-manjaro, great to but i found windows border need more gradient but controles look great !
Cinnamon desktop bar is what i use! good to !
Overall it’s a good combo…

At the moment i use Vertex Maia
But I take all the information possible to find themes that suit me

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You can try elementary theme and icons. Faenza icons too.

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What about Moka + Faba? They go together as a pair to install. Moka uses some Faba icons.

both are available from AUR

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Thanks, but too flat for me …


okay, thought it may be but it’s a 50% flat theme so worth a mention :wink:

the one I used to like is no longer maintained. there was a theme called RAVEfinity Vivacious I used to use with MATE. That wasn’t flat but has been left out to pasture. Instead they recommend Mint users use Mint-Y which near enough resembles it now. I don’t know if a similar package is in AUR but like jonathon said it’s nigh on impossible to recommend something like this

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Yes, i know it’s not easy to find! i will look for Mint-y
Thanks again

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