Recommendations for a USB pendrive


I'm using Kingston DT MicroDuo 16GB to boot Manjaro XFCE with persistence storage on several laptops with Win10.

However it is super slow...

What I want is to have Manjaro as a pocket OS with minimal installation and some apps I use the most (browser, media apps etc).

Why is the USB sooo slow?

Can I have recommendations for USB pendrives for what I want?

Thank you

USB 3 will be your best bet for a perky live image experience, presuming the computer hardware has USB 3 ports.

Otherwise, not a lot to be done about the comparative slowness of USB 2.

Edit: (I mean, except for what @Days suggests. Oopsie. :grimacing: )

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Your other options, is to off load the iso to ram as it boots.

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USB key speed s*cks (SD and uSD card too)

I'm more happy with SSD+USB adapter or a more stylish M.2 SSD with aluminium USB C case/adapter (more pricey though)

There are also NMVE to USB but is even more pricey and I'm not sure if it make sense

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It's not USB (unless it's USB2), it's the drive. They all suck, as do sdcards. I never see much higher than 10MB/s with them, and certainly not for long. What you want is an SSD.

I would think the best option is a small/smallish USB3 SSD, there are a few out there. Possibly the smallest you'll find after USB keys and sdcards.

There's the M.2 to USB3 pendrives/keys, they tend to be cases and you put an M.2 in them. Should still fit in most pockets. Linux Tech Tips has a video on one, they compare different options.

Then there's the larger 2.5" external USB3 SSDs, and of course internal 2.5" SSDs and a USB3 case. Cheap cases may have a lower upper limit (mine maxes out at 160MB/s).

There's also thunderbolt NVME drives, with much higher advertised speeds. Probably about the same size as the M.2 cases.

If it need to be a USB3 stick, search for mlc or slc (expensive).
Otherwise a external ssd is not much more expensive than a quality USB3 stick.

Thank you for all the answers.

However this USB is to use across mutiple laptops.
I'm tesing USB pens I already have to see if speed improves.
Can you please guide me in how to do an exact copy of this pen I already have Manjaro to another pen?
I mean clone the pen with Manjaro to other pens to compare speeds between USB's?

I don't intend to buy expensive external drive (I do intend to upgrade internal HD to SSD) because I'm not sure if some laptops I intend to use will have limited USB speed (older hardware).


How do I do that?


I have some questions:

Will 4GB RAM be enough?
All the changes I do will be stored in the USB after shutdown?

I will try this later...

How do I clone the USB to another USB to compare differences in speed?


I don't know about prices where you're from, but I hardly call £25 expensive, for a cheap 2.5" SSD and a cheap USB3 case. I paid more for my SSD, but the case was £5, however max transfer rate is 160MB/s due to cheap case (same drive 300+MB/s through SATA).

You can clone with dd, but the new drive needs to be the same size or bigger, and if it's bigger you'll have to resize to regain the extra space.

dd if=/dev/sdj of=/dev/sdk bs=4M

You can use lsblk to find the correct device paths.

Or you can create the partitions of the new drive and use cp or rsync to copy everything over, then edit fstab to reflect the new UUIDs.


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