Recommendation for light Xfce themes?

Not sure where to post this but...
Wanted: Light Xfce themes that are NOT Arc, Adapta or Greybird. But preferably grey, cyan or pink highlights. Or very discreet ones.

(Sidenote: Adapta is still voted the best theme for Xfce in 2019. I say we lack a lot of variations).

DDG + xfce,themes =

Maybe Numix? There are some variations, i used some of them for about two days or something. Anyway, I always end up with greybird or adwaita :nerd_face:

I recommend going to /r/unixporn and looking at different setups. People typically leave their dotfiles for you to import into your own setup.

i've been using xfce-evolution-themes. it has real scrollbars!

i'm more concerned that everything i actually like depends on gtk-engine-murrine, which is gtk2 only.

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Wasnt @Chrysostomus working on making a manjaro-adwaita ?

Ah here it is..

..on second inspection it looks like theirs is like adwaita-dark.
Maybe you would prefer to use 'normal' adwaita and/or use the methods described in that thread to tweak it for light+pink or whatever you prefer.


I made the light version too, I just haven't packaged it yet. But there is already PKGBUILD for it on the thread.

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