Recommend pamac settings for the average user?

Greetings lovely community,

I tend to use both a mix of the Tilix terminal and pamac application to search, update, install/remove packages, etc. The terminal part of it I understand for the most part (not always of course!), but for pamac I wonder if the default settings are the way to go or if the settings I adjusted in pamac are acceptable, please do let me know your opinions. I just want to double check and make sure I’m doing things the “correct way” aka in a way that won’t cause unintended issues in the future.

Below is a rundown of my pamac settings. Please let me know if my adjusts are acceptable or if I need to change or revert any of the changes I made, thank you. Also, feel free to explain any of the settings if you so wish to, I do enjoy reading and learning more about the underlying Arch-base! Any help/comments is greatly appreciated, thank you!


All seems fine. Nothing peculiar about those settings.

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I wonder why you’d posted the exact same question on EOS forum… Nevermind.


I don’t know, are they? That’s only a question you can answer. If you don’t know what an option does, don’t touch it until you do. Was there something you weren’t sure about?

Thanks for your reply. I eventually found and stumbled upon the Pamac wiki ( Pamac - Manjaro ), which essentially helped to answer some of the things I was curious or unsure about :slight_smile:

I would add Remove Unrequired Dependencies, Hide Tray Icon When No Updates, remove Keep Build Packages

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