Recent version of files get lost

Today, I meet a rather strange thing.

Last few months, I'm busy with writing a paper in a directory call wp. In the middle of July, I paused writing to turned to some other thing.

Today, I open the wp directory again and find a find a very horrible thing. All the thing I wrote in July have gone! More precisely, the files don't appear but the information of the files shows that the time of last modification happens at June. I don't know why the modification I made at July just disappears.

More strangely, the last modification time of wp directory itself is at July although all files in it are modified at June as the system shows.

Any ideas why this thing happens? Is any possible method I can use to find back the things I write recently?

More information, I use onedrive to sync this directory. But unfortunately, the sync fails recently and I didn't notice that. Moreover, I use git to manage the versions of files in this directory. However, it seems that the git information in July also gets lost.

That's disturbing.

I use Back-in-Time to copy anything from my /home to my backup disk daily (you CAN set it to do more frequent backups - and also you can set your project folders on a safer - off system disk - storage location), and my Documents are also synched (using Dropbox) to guard against catastrophic failure.

Back-in-time has the beneficial option of multiple version backups (so you can literally go back to last week's edits, or yesterday's versions).

You can use testdisk (very time consuming) to find anything that might be deleted or otherwise hidden on your physical disks, but I think the chances of success there are slim if it's over a month.

The question is I don't lose the file completely, but just can't find the recently saved versions.

I think you just answered your own question. My guess is somehow your new local copy got overwritten with the last good cloud copy.


Yes, maybe check if Onedrive (online version) shows alternative versions of the file?

:love_you_gesture: Microsoft

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Anyway, if a file is overwritten, may it possible be recovered by photorec?

No, I recovered from a failed Vista installation in 2007.
Testdisk and photorec can recover stuff from the drive - but where things are overwritten you will recover corrupted files.

With both, I found that more than half my photographs had various amounts wiped out and the rest just wouldn't open.

Photorec is designed more for photographs, but this will be a document. These tools aren't destructive, try them all :wink:

I really suspect it is sync process causes this trouble.

My onedrive sync stops working at least for a month. Therefore, in theory, my recent local files should not be overwritten by the remote ones. But last night, I modified another file in onedrive sync folder. Today, when I open this file again, the modification are gone. I don't know why.

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