seems interesting, while im not looking to replace manjaro, i still like playing with other distros for fun sometimes. if i understand correctly its a dev from antergos that forked off to make an arch based distro as newbie friendly as possible. i tried installing it from a live usb onto my second ssd but my optimus laptop wasnt havin it which i cant fault reborn os for as most distros wont even boot into live environment on this laptop. 14 desktop environments to choose from during install, voice control (not for me but cool). im just curious what everyone thinks


A Link would help.


Wow, seriously?
I found it on the first try.


Interesting distro,

Finally an Arch-based that ships Pantheon desktop. I’ll try it on.


I speak more than one language. It is always helpful to outline your intentions precisely.


my bad, i guess a link does seem appropriate for this kind of post


I have seen the distributions some months ago and didn’t like the repository situation, these are the additional repository used from their pacman.conf

SigLevel = Optional TrustAll
Include = /etc/pacman.d/reborn-mirrorlist

SigLevel = PackageRequired
Server =$repo/$arch

Server =$repo/$arch

Server =$repo/$arch

It include the Antergos repository and one made by Alucryd (the Pantheon guy at Arch)

The aur-archlinux repo, now called nexus, have AUR packages, opened 2 packages at random (chromium-widevine and libc++) are build in a clean chroot

The Reborn-OS repo, below the content of the reborn-mirrorlist

# US Server
# Server =

# European Server
Server =

Controled some packages

mycroft-reborn package has been dirtly built in a home directory (nothing compiled but still…)

linux and linux-firmware are imported from Arch

jre and jdk are built in clean chroot but are also unredestributable according to their license

Correct me if I’m wrong but there isn’t the Pantheon desktop but a mixed/customized Cinnamon


Just try to install Mate with it. Last time I tried this, I did not get a working desktop environment…


Just another garage distro


I still haven’t tested it to see if it’s Pantheon or not, but I’m kinda happy if it worked because recently I’ve made a thread asking why there is no Manjaro Pantheon.


I remember, for the same reason there aren’t other distro who have Pantheon DE, require too much work, Elementary is slow moving and a packager simply isn’t enough


Exactly. I’ve tried it once or twice during its short life and only gotten failed installs. Better to eat dirt.


i read that somewhere on the page, its cinnamon made to look like pantheon


Here is what the installer says:



Wow. To even use “Pantheon” in that context is highly misleading.
The attempt to reference Elementary also feels like grasping.
And certainly feels like it is meant to nab inexperienced users.
bad taste IMHO


wouldnt know, i cant get it to install on metal or a vm. its a nice idea, many DE’s to choose from on a single installer, but if i cant get it installed i will never know. it all really just seems like a more flexible antergos installer rather than it being its own distro


Well it looks promising but how it works is another story after reading the website I’m tempted to try it let’s seee how it works


@cOOter Kind of hard on the teeth. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Reborn maintainance app is what I want for manjaro


The installer worked for me though it took quite some time. It uses cnchi, the installer from Antergos.
The “Pantheon” clone was not terribly impressive but it did install in a VM.