Reboot to Black Screen

I used the reboot command and it shut down and started to start up, but now it's just stuck at a black screen.

I guess there is information missing here then.

You can boot into RL3 if you hit 'e' at grub and add a '3' to the options.
This should boot to terminal. From there you can try to start the desktop by using something like startx or startkde .. or you can take a look at whats wrong with maybe systemctl status sddm, etc.

How do I do that? when I hit 'e' an e comes up then goes away.

I said at grub .. like where you select linux kernel to boot into.

When I start it up it goes straight to booting up. I'm not sure what you mean.

If you have hidden grub then you probably need to hit shift or esc while booting to bring up the menu.
(then hit 'e' there)
..this does sound like a partial upgrade to me.
You said you updated though, right ?
If you get to a working input .. I suggest double double checking:
sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyu

Ok I think i'm there but I do not know what I'm looking at

So you should see a bunch of text .. but somewhere there you will see boot options like ro rw quiet or similar ... just add a 3 to those options and exit/boot.

It says [Ctrl-c or F2 for a command-line] do I go there

no. if you are at grub selection you hit e, like outlined above.
If you are at the editing page, then you hit f10 (i think? its stated on the page) to continue booting.

you mean this quiet apparmor=1 do I make the 1 a 3?

And how do you separate the code from regular text, here?

You shouldnt need to delete anything , just add the 3 to the options .. something like this
(excuse the random old ubuntu grub and my bad drawing)

Ok I did that and now it says.
Manjaro Linux 5.2.11-1-MANJARO [enrico-pc] [tty1]

enrico-pc login:

dose this mean it wants my password?

First your username, then it will ask for password.
From there you are in a non-graphical terminal session.
You should be able to perform any commands (like updating or removing packages, etc .. please at least do the mirrors+update like above) .. you might even be able to try starting the graphics/desktop and/or see any errors about it by trying startx or startkde

You can also hop from virtual terminal to virtual terminal by using Ctrl+alt+F# ... usual default is that you are on #1 .. so you can switch to Ctrl+Alt+F2 and back again using F1. This is useful in a number of ways, but notably, if your current terminal is glitchy or frozen you may be able to execute things in another terminal.

And dont forget the shutdown/reboot commands that could be needed if you are in a terminal session. Maybe after you do some updates, etc. systemctl reboot and/or systemctl poweroff

I miss spelled it earlier.

Is everything done now?

Probably not.
You havent made any changes, so I assume you will be in a black screen when you reboot.
Please please please .. do the mirrors+update like I have already suggested.
I think you should also change/upgrade your kernel. If you have ryzen/raven you probably want the latest - 5.3 [5.2 is End of Life now .. so it should be gotten rid of soon]

Some other outputs to try and diagnose the problem:

inxi -Fxxxza --no-host
systemctl status sddm

Is this right?

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