RealVNC Server on Raspberry Pi 4

One of the nice addons to Raspbian is the pre-installed RealVNC Server. This doesn't come installed on Manjaro ARM.

When I installed it form the AUR using pamac, it doesn't start. Oddly, the vnc files appear to be properly installed at /usr/bin/..., but when you try to call them in the terminal, it reports that no such file exists.

Has anyone gotten RealVNC server (or any VNC server) working on Manjaro ARM?

I tried TigerVNC and a few others. I was not satisfied with any of them. Just too clunky for me. Since I only run a few GUI programs I use ssh -YC (C is using compression). That way It only loads the GUI I want to run in a window and nothing else. Takes only a few config changes in /etc/ssh/sshd_config on the host and restarting sshd service.

This message was typed via ssh -YC to my RPi4 from my desktop and running firefox in it's window on my desktop.

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I use krfb and krdc (both kde software) with manjaro arm and manjaro desktop.

Thanks. I have that ssh functionality set up and can do some tasks that way. But I prefer the full desktop. Appreciate it though.

I tried kfrb and krdc on your suggestion.

When I open krdc as the client to connect and enter the IP address of the server (in my case, the Raspberry Pi), it connects but shows an image of my client -- whereas I expected to see the server.

Any idea what's going on there?


You launch krfb and krdc together ?

to connect you and create a favorite server, for example

Look here my krfb config, it will be helpful

A trick to disconnect your client from the server, right click on the krfb icon and then click disconnect, you stop the krdc connection and not the krfb server, it's safer...


Thanks. I don't know what is happening, but whenever I connect to another computer using krfb (I tried a third computer on the same network) it connects, but then shows the screen for the client (i.e., the computer that I am on) rather than the server (i.e., the computer I am trying to view.


is an other vnc server launched on your client computer?
x11vnc server...

are you using the good ip address to connect the server ?

try to parameter the server with different port, 5901...

I think that you identified the problem; I have built-in GNOME screen sharing turned on for the client. But I just uninstalled krfb, so I need to start again....

That said, I did determine that GNOME screen sharing does work -- and it uses VNC. The only problem is the password is limited to 8 chars.

Well, kfrb does not work even with screen sharing turned off on the client.

Also, GNOME screen sharing only works if the user logged in via the display manager. So....that doesn't work.

I also am trying tigervnc, but I always get a black screen on the client. Trying to fix that.

try to configure krfb

same password

I'm using x11vnc as server (systemd service runs at startup) and tigervnc as client. works fine...

@moson: Are you running GNOME?

xfce on an odroid n2

Yeah, from looking around the various forums, it seems to be a problem with GNOME.

If you are running Gnome, are you running it with default wayland or selected Xorg?

Because screencapture only works with some tools on wayland.

I am trying to access the Rpi4 via VNC without a full graphical boot beforehand -- so essentially headless.

I can access it headlessly via SSH, but that does not report a $XDG_SESSION_TYPE other than tty.

In other words, when headless I don't think it is either Xorg or Wayland, but that may be incorrect.

Well, there is no graphical frontend, if you run it headless. It needs a GUI to be able to have a XDG_SESSION_TYPE.

Right. So, does your question still apply for headless VNC?

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