Realtime-kernel update

All good now:



Thx for your work, it’s really good news!

Can you please tell, what are those missing extra modules / features actually for?
When this RT kernel will arive for stable, won’t there be any notable hardware / software problems without those modules, compared to regular 4.19 LTS?

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RT kernels are not advised for daily home use, right?

RT kernels are useful when you do real-time audio/multimedia recording, and everything which requires the lowest possible latency.
For standard desktop work, stick with the normal kernel.

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Ah, so it’s similar to lowlatency kernels in Ubuntu? I mean configuration wise, I always thought that it is suitable for me as I am using a low-latency Wireless adapter…

Lowlatency in Ubuntu uses (AFAIK) a 1000 Hz timer and full preemption, in contrast to the desktop kernel which uses 300 Hz and voluntary preemption. (I’m speaking of 16.04, the last Ubuntu I used).
It does not include the realtime patches that are in Manjaro-RT.

Right, that was the past… just trying to make sure if I should use the RT now, the recent patches had been giving my machine alot of trouble… since 4.19+

Well you can always test it, but the RT kernel is mostly for people who do audio work.
If I remember correctly, @oberon is a musician.

That’s correct it’s for audio/video professionals (btw we are also people, so ideally it shouldn’t affect anything else! :smiley: ).

As far as my Ubuntu tests - RT and lowlatency kernels are pretty close, RT is just little more uncompromised preemption.

Also for those interested in audio / music on Linux, far more important things to do (outside of the Kernel) is listed here:

Just launch to check what you need to do:

perl ./

This scripts are also available in AUR as realtimeconfigquickscan-git

If you do all the stuff listed there, you should get extremely low latency for ALSA / JACK playback in any DAW / audio interface even with usual Kernels, then i’d say RT Kernels mainly needed if you use midi a lot…

Which should also be fine on usual Kernel, but RT is better)


In that chase I’d prefer configuration scripts to improve my laptop’s thermal issues, I don’t think the kernel is able to find my fan, I tried fancontrolGUI, fancontrolkcm, I tried enabling and starting it via systemctl but it says unable to locate the port. Also, lm_sensors isn’t working as well but the sensors for LXQt managed to detect it (temperature). Weird…

wow…Sorry to hear this, hopefully someone will be able to help you!

One thing for sure - RT kernel certainly won’t help)

Sounds to me like hardware issue if you suspect fan failures, probably you should try to create new thread here:

And give clear description of problem + result of your inxi -Fxxz, so someobdy could offer some more direct suggestions / help :slight_smile:


I use JACK for live audio work (no midi) and don’t often use RT kernel
still get good low latency for most general audio stuff with stock Manjaro kernel

but I do apply all the other checks and adjustments suggested in realTimeConfigQuickScan

and it works and sounds excellent so more than happy

Thanks. I didn’t see that before. I always use Professional audio to configure system. Noticed that there are few more things that can improve my setup. Once more thank you @keybreak :slight_smile:


The rt-patch for linux50 has now been released and I have updated linux-rt-manjaro to version 5.0.3_rt1 on our unstable branch.
Basekernel 5.0 is still in its early stages, so maybe you still want to view it as ‘experimental’ … :wink:
linux-rt-lts-manjaro of course remains with basekernel 419.


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@crazyg4merz I just saw that Joakim has removed the old fix-race-in-PRT-wait-for-completion-simple-wait-code_Nvidia-RT-160319.patch in the AUR package of linux-rt.
I would now like to do the same. Could you let me know again what exactly the old problem was that made this necessary? I have a GeForce GTX 1060 here. Will it be enough to verify to simply boot the rt on this machine? Or would what would be needed to run into the original issue?

It was a random freezing on my card back then. I can test my GTX 960 here if you can send me the package without the patch, it was freezing every couple of minutes back then before the patch.

@oberon I just tried building linux-rt from AUR by Joakim and got the same error message on boot. So I don’t think it’s the Nvidia patch. Also, I haven’t got any reply from the rt users mailing list.

selamat siang!
Ah. I was about to send you a link to the version I built this morning.
In any case the question re. NVIDIA patch was not meant in regards to the EFI error. Just in general, I will drop the patch as soon as it is no longer needed … :wink:
I am subscribed to the rt-mailinglist aswell and saw your mail. We shall see … :slight_smile:
Thank you.

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