Ready to install Manjaro, but


Hey all,

After some distro hopping, (Which is a bloody curse) I am wanting to install Manjaro KDE on my system once again.

I’ve seen a few postings of users with Nvidia 1xxx cards having issues installing. I have a GTX 1070, so want to know if I’d have any issues installing before proceeding.

Thanks everyone!


So I’m assuming that goes for you too. Write a usb and give it a spin. :smiley:


Great, thanks @cscs.

In the last few months, I have written a USB for distros so many times due to my distro hopping curse, that if I am to do it, I wanna make sure it’s worth it.

But who am I kidding, of course it’s worth it, it’s Manjaro. :smile:



We are about to get an update to stable here very soon which includes a good many updates and bug fixes and such. So if it doesnt work out for some reason, try again in a week. :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems like a good plan.

I’m okay with getting my hands dirty, so I’m gonna go ahead and load up the 16.08 preview.


Try installing the -dev version


Manjaro KDE is the best KDE experience you will have. I hope you enjoy it and stay with us. Goodluck with the gfx card. Looks like it will be sorted out in the next update?


Maybe, but I did run into an error with booting from USB on 16.06 and the 16.08 preview.

Not near my desktop to get the exact error, (Not sure if it’s an error persay) but at the end it says: “Triggering uevents…” then hangs. I tried both the non-free and default bootup option.

Will try to work on it more later.


I indeed have some troubles getting the 16.08 (KDE minimal, testing) release to work reliable with my NVIDIA GTX770. I am currently updating again, since I saw there’s a new driver in these updates. I just hope it makes it until the end. I downloaded the ISO a few days earlier so it is not the just announced build.
P.S. Maybe it wasn’t related to the gfx card but the recent gtk issues. The hangs occurred e.g. when using qupzilla. I guess one could wait until there are more experiences coming in. I also remember I tried Nouveau drivers and it was worse.

P.S. just to update, I did a re-install and did the upgrade right after. No issues so far, everything running smoothly. I only had the issue with my live system (before install) and with the system prior upgrade.


I am on the latest stable release of KDE with Nvidia GTX 770; no problems at all.


I have a 1070. This is probably an issue with Pascal because it’s so new.

Kernel 4.6 doesn’t have proper open source support, so X either doesn’t work or defaults to a 1024x768 resolution.

But yeah, idk if my issue above is related to my GPU or something else. Gonna try it in virtualbox and see if the same issue arises.


Hi, I was providing comment on Riddlemaster’s post (just above mine) regarding his 770, in order to say it is not a Nvidia-wide issue… Sorry, that was sloppy posting on my part.