React developing and huge ram usage

Using firefox on my Manjaro KDE asus laptop, and during developing React after some time my localhost tab ram usage keep growing.
Like after some time it can go over 1G ram only on localhost tab and I have to close the tab and reopen again.

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I would suggest your code has a memory leak not Firefox.

Bet we can test, do you get the same behavior if you sit on the manjaro home page?

this behavior seen only in react page.
But in react I dont really have the ability to manage memory.
And all my applications in react behaving like this.

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are you on the latest version of React? It might be something you need to raise on the React repo


Just from your screenshot I count 6 electron instances and one code-oss.

I suspect it could be related - after all code-oss is an electron app.

Have you verified that other projects in code-oss not using react behave simlar or have you tried another editor - I know that suggestion is insane - developers (myself included) have a hard time switching to another tool - but I think it’s worth a try.


I dont think the code oss is the problem, because the ‘Web’ process is the one that gets ram overflow.