Re-worked Yoda wallpaper


Linux, choose it.
Must be it.

Acc. to Yoda conditions, statements have to be reversed from the typical order.

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So if constant==variable, should it then be: “Linux, choose it you must?”


Maybe, but the question mark should be placed after the quotes, not before, i.e. it is yours, not Yoda’s. If your phrase is not a question, the question mark should be removed. :relaxed:

Jeeze, you are worse than me @ Grammar Enforcer!

I’m glad someone is willing to take over that position. Thank you! :smiley:


That was untypical because of Yoda who forced us to think untypically. So, don’t relax!

Atypical. Jeeze, you’re fired already!

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Thank you! :relaxed:

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