Re-install klipper clipboard manager

As a fresh KDE user I was disappointed in Klipper’s capabilities. I took the probably wrong advise to "remove /usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.clipboard folder ". As a replacement I installed CopyQ which runs fine but slow i.e. it takes a second to paste something. Could this be related to the brute force used to get of Klipper? And is it possible to reinstall Klipper (and then silence it via “configure system tray”?


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Don’t tinker on file level if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. This can break your system pretty quickly. Installing, removing packages using pamac or pacman is usually the right approach to handle programs/packages.

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Is part of plasma-workspace - reinstall it.
If you are on the GIT version then reinstall plasma-workspace-git.

Was that something you read on our forum or elsewhere?

Thanks. On Add/Remove Software only the Remove option is available. On Octopi there is a re-install option.
The wrong advice is from here: KDE 5, how I totally disable clipboard systray app? • KDE Community Forums

Right now i’m on the git version, but is the same on the “normal version”

You can reinstall it via terminal:
pamac install plasma-workspace
sudo pacman -Syu plasma-workspace

Advice given in 2015 … well, now you know :slight_smile:

OK, so I re-installed. After a reboot clipboard seems to be fast. Klipper does not re-appear in the tray but can be run and then asks politely whether it should run. So, all good!

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