(Re)Enable Anubis Cipher support in kernel


This post is long overdue on my part. I use Anubis cipher to encrypt my root partition. Since kernel 5.10 I am unable to boot because the Anubis cipher was disabled for some reason. Was this done for a reason and I missed the announcement? is this something that can be enabled again? Where is the proper place to ask for this module to be re-enabled?

I am still on 5.9 because of this.

Thank you


Seems Anubis has been marked as Obsolete in the upstream kernel:

So it needs a special kernel config option to even get Anubis back as an option.


Interesting. Never noticed that. Maybe I should consider moving away from it since chances are the cipher will not receive updates if issues are ever found with it. Such a process…

Thank you for pointing this out to me


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