Rawtherapee-git has been outdated for about a month now

Could someone please update it?

Thank you.

rawtherapee-git is an AUR package, so you need to rebuild it, to get it updated.

I installed it this morning on a fresh system and yay reports:

:: Searching databases for updates...
:: Searching AUR for updates...
 -> Flagged Out Of Date AUR Packages:  rawtherapee-git
 there is nothing to do

Yeah. It’s a git package. It will always be counted as out of date.

I don’t understand. How, then, can I get the latest version?

Rebuild it so it pulls from the git repo again. The git repo is what gets updated, not the PKGBUILD script (which is the install script you are using from AUR). Well unless an update requires a change in the PKGBUILD.

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No, the pkgbuild has been flagged out of date

In the meantime I have made an orphan request and adopted it, will look at it when I have time

Moving tihs topic to AUR section since is about an AUR pkgbuild

It is a -git pkgbuild it will pull the latest commit of source, it is the pkgbuild on AURweb that is (was) flagged out of date

Thank you, and forgive me, but I still have no idea what this all means.

I guess I’ll wait.

yay -Syu --devel

tells yay to check updates for git packages installed from AUR.

You could download the appimage from http://rawtherapee.com/ and not bother with AUR.

Yes. Just like I can use the package in Manjaro’s official repos.

However, the AUR package is more recent and has features none of the aforementioned do. Like vectorscopes, RGB parades and waveforms, more demosaicing algorhythms, etc.

The package in the AUR is a git package. I already told you to run

yay -Su --devel

which tells yay to also check for development (git) package updates.

The AUR will list an old version because installing it pulls from the git repo, which is always up to date.

I have updated the pkgbuild


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