Rave: I finally completely broke away from Windows!!!!


I know I mentioned this before but I wanted to officially make a rave thread about it. This past week I officially broke away from Windows completely because the only machine I had still running it was my desktop gaming rig and this past week I reinstalled with Manjaro KDE and I've been loving every minute of it. :smile: Between the current state of Lutris and Proton 90% of my game library works and the remaining 10% I can wait for. The games I really cared about working work. :smile: I love that I switched my desktop over the running KDE it's so much better looking. (vs Windows) Plus having the bash shell be native and integrated python is awesome. I love Manjaro (kde and i3 specifically personally ) because it's the only OS I actually ENJOY runnin/using.

EditL Oh and how could I forget integrated native git.

Correction: As far as I can tell all games work if I use wine directly for the ones that don't work on proton by running the windows version of steam through wine. :slight_smile:


Yep,once you start learning and using Linux more often you will find yourself disdaining to even use Windows at all if you don't need to.



Mind you, i'm slightly worried now that you might have cornered the world market in exclamation marks. If we see global shortages over the coming weeks, with long queues, rioting & general unrest, i hope you won't feel too guilty.



No feeling greater, with the possible exception of morning coffee results. :smiley:

Congratulations on installing and running a superior, secure operating system.! :smiley:


Windows 10 May Update coming soon- get ready for more Linux noobies coming to the forum :wink:



Then I don't understand why you still use this "ugly" avatar and not this one :wink: :slight_smile:


Deepin Wallpaper and more by SGS

Done. :slight_smile:


Run Linux! Replace all your crashes, constant driver updates, spying, annoying updates taking hours without notice, and ugly redesigns. Get a clean, amazing looking desktop with a world of customizations just waiting for you! By the way, you choose when and where to update on Linux, AND we are probably compatable with most of your favorite windows apps anyway! Thanks wine!


Ever since I made the change I've been using Linux so much that last night I dreamt that I was using the killall command to fix something on my computer. :laughing:

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I envy you. Engineering students are less lucky in linux software selections :joy:


Very nice. I even googled the lyrics because I couldn't hear the program he compared thunderbird to. I never heard of pine before but sounds like that's a good thing. LOL The closest thing to computer music I know of is all the songs by a band called "The Algorithm"

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Really? I find that a bit hard to believe because the AUR surprises me every time I put it to the test. I'm sorry to hear that though. What about wine? Does that help? Can you give examples of engineering apps?


I mostly use Tanner these days. Emulating scientific softwares are huge no for me. Always bugged. I usually go for native, if available. But having two OSes for doing assignments is annoying, so I put those in windows, games in linux.


I totally agree. Before deciding to load Linux on my gaming rig I was the opposite of you. I used Linux for work related stuff and Windows for gaming but now I use it for both.

Can you give download link. I can't find that app even from googling the closest I found was a company site called tamer research. Do you mean this? https://www.mentor.com/tannereda/

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Yep, that's the software.


Yeah I think it's a combination of the fact that it's very niche software (not well known) and the fact that you need to create an account just to get to a download link. Sorry about that. :frowning:

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i wish i am you, i cant play any of my games on GNU/Linux :mask:

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I'm here to help as best I can. What are the games I'll look them up. Feel free to list them here. :slight_smile: Also welcome to the community!!! :slight_smile:

Have you looked up your games on the proton database and the wine database? Thatt's pretty much what I was going to do I'm curious to know what the reviews are for the games you are referring to.

I used to think the same as you which is why I waited as long as I did until I made this change. Eventually I was convinced to look at the proton database again and realized that at this point none of my games have the rating of borked. In the past one of them did but somebody figured out that it requires a protontrick configuration of adding the dotnet library.


Congratulations :+1: