Raspi with a WD elements with 1 TB and USB 2


hello dear all ,

I’ve just purchased a Raspberry Pi 3 and i’ve installed OpenElec onto the raspi so that i can run the Kodi. After this step - after this first step - I’ve succesfully set it all up and i’ve managed to get the USB ports.

It seems to be working with a wireless wifi dongle. And that seems pretty fantastic. I am glad about this. So the next thing i did is to add a keyboard.i took a wireless keyboard. I’ve also set kodi to see the folder on another NAS.

so far so good: The problem i have is that kodi cannot see my external HDD which is plugged into a spare USB port. The HDD is a WD elements with 1 TB and USB 2 . The good thing: it has its own power supply. Its got an NTFS file system and this works on my linux machine, my Windows machine and my Linux-Machine.

Well - i guess that i have to putty into the openelec and try to mount so that i have somewhat like so; /dev/sdb1

is this correct

Is there anything else i should do!?.
love to hear from you


In linux “ntfs-3g” is used to see ntfs partitions perhaps this is missing?


You should probably ask the openelec community how to do this. I ran openelec briefly. If I remember correctly it has a read-only filesystem and allows only minimal customizations.

I would definitely advise finding out the “right” way to mount an external drive in openelec.


hello dear Dalto

first of all - many many thanks for the quick reply. Great to hear from you.
i will digg into this issue - and will get into contact with the mentioned guys at openelec

have a great day