Raspi-config cmd

Hello. Bit of a non techie user so apologies. Trying to follow some tutorials for setting up things on a Pi4 and when I try to enter the Pi config I get this error in the terminal. Is there an alternative cmd for Manjaro?

Screenshot at 2021-03-10 14-13-30

That is a Pi OS command.

raspi-config is used by raspian. but there is a way to install it from the aur. you have to enable the aur-repositories and from there you can search for raspi-config or otherwise you can install it via git

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Thanks so much. Installed via AUR. Excellent.
Appreciate your help.

Has anyone tried using it on Manjaro? I believe some of the raspi-config options make changes to configuration files. I am concerned it may not function as desired on a non-raspian distro.

Supposed to be limited on what you can do with it.

If one knew what he wants to do then might be able to provide help configuring.

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Well, for kicks and grins, I installed it. I only use it to flip between network and USB boot, so it has limited use for me but an important one. Maybe now I can forget about the Raspian SD I keep around for that sole purpose. I’ll try making a Manjaro SD with this version of raspi-config and see if it works well for that purpose. The description does say (ArchlinuxArm fork), so maybe it will work on Manjaro without significant issue.

Edit: Nice, it seems to work well enough for what I need it to do. I now have a Manjaro minimal image on SD that can run both raspi-config and rpi-eeprom-update for new RPi4, fresh out of the box.