Raspberrypi-firmware soc:firmware: Request 0x00030046 returned status 0x80000001



I just flashed manjaro ARM to my sd card to run in raspberry pi and I am getting this error on loop:
raspberrypi-firmware soc:firmware: Request 0x00030046 returned status 0x80000001

And it doesnt go ahead from that. What should I do? I dont know if that’s a kernel related error as I am a beginner.


I have the same problem with an RPi2. Just checking the google and find this:


Hi guys.

This error is a known issue from an older version of the raspberry pi firnware package. However it has been fixed in a newer version.

I am pretty sure you are able to login, it’s just that the bug spam is “hiding” the login prompt.
So please log in and update the system, then reboot.


Could you release a new image with this problem solved? I think it would be the best :+1:


Yeah. I will release a 18.05 in the start of May.


How can I log in and update the system? I dont get it. Kindly explain


When the system boots a login screen appears. Right now it just drowns in dmesg spam, but it should be there.

So just type in the username, press enter. Then type in the password, press enter.
It should now give you a prompt with your username in it. This will quickly get spammed my dmesg too, so just type sudo pacman -Syyu if you logged in with manjaro or your own created user, or type pacman -Syyu if you logged in with root. Press y to update.

It just gets dificult to see the prompts because of the dmesg spam.

I am working on a 18.05 release though, where this issue is fixed.


Thanks man. Looking forward for the fixed version. :smiley:


Sorry to hijack, but does Manjaro ARM disable SSH by default? For example Arch ARM comes with SSH enabled, so you could just login over SSH to update.


Manjaro-ARM does have ssh enabled by default.

At least last time I checked. Haven’t used the ssh in a while though.


I just get a lot of “could not resolve host ****”… it has an ethernet connection but it just doesn’t like it much.

I suppose I’ll have to just wait for 18.05


This, to me, indicates that you do not have a DNS set up.

Try pinging www.google.com and after that
If the IP one goes through, you have a DNS problem.


So if pinging google’s DNS service doesn’t fail, I have a DNS problem?


No. If you can ping the IP, but not the hostname, you have a DNS problem.


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