Raspberry pi4b with Manjaro and 10’1 display power bank

Hi everyone! I have a Raspberry pi 4b, and I just bought a 10’1 2k monitor from China, and I was wondering if it could works with a power bank. The screen have touchscreen as well. I think the monitor will plug to the Raspberry usb taking the power from it, so it would be interesting to know how to make it portable. I’m using Manjaro as operating system, and I love it! I wouldn’t like to change Os, I’d rather have a portable manjaro system.

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That is highly depending on the power drawn by the monitor.

Look at the specification sheet and look for power consumption.


I think its powered by a 5V micro USB not sure if is a usb type C. Still not received or tested. It’s says its compatible with a powerbank.
on the other side, I hope manjaro on a raspberry pi4b will get the ‘touch’ mode…
So I think I will need to consider 5v of screen powered by Rasp. that take other 5V.

I am sure the monitor can be powered using a power bank - but I am not sure you draw the power to it from the PI’s USB.

The PI4 requires a 5v3Ah USBC power supply - and it is limited how much power you can draw from the PI’s USB port and I am fairly certain you cannot drive a monitor from an USB port.


Thank for your help. I will test with a pawerbank that i already have. but i wasnt sure too…

In the time since my last comment I refreshed my memory with relation to power consumption over USB on a PI4

A good quality 2.5A power supply can be used if downstream USB peripherals consume less than 500mA in total.


Yes they do some ‘hats’ as LiPo Battery HAT for Raspberry Pi , (Output voltage: 5V - 3.7V 3000mAh Li-polymer battery) but not sure if it can used with a 10’ screen as well.
A decent power bank can be used for power a RPi but it can show an icon of a thunder because of the less power (Amper) received.

I know - the power hats are using the GPIO pins to power the PI and it is possible to power a display as well - just look at your smartphone - my concern was that you would power the display over the USB-2/3 ports which can only deliver 100mA per port.

If the display is powered using GPIO there should be no issues as the device can be powered from a powerbank using USB-C power connector.

Thanks for your answer.
I think the hat/GPIO has a limited use, more focus on the Rpi powering, and maybe smallish screen, I guess.
I am considering buyin a top gamma Mi 20000 mAh 50W Powerbank that can be used with laptop as well. In that way I would be sure to have the power for the 2 devices in one way or the other, without too much gimmicks.
In that case the battery would automatically set the voltage based on the device.
Still not sure if the Rpi and screen will share the power over usb, as well as data, of course, as you mentioned the USB2/3 has mA restriction…

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