Raspberry Pi Kernels (2.0)

just installed rpi5-eeprom and updated my firmware.


Added 11-11-2023

The latest RPi kernel and related packages has been pushed to the unstable branch when the mirrors sync.

They added a new feature to the rpi4/5 eeprom packages where the eeprom can be flashed directly but they do not recommend it. Makes one wonder why they added it.

"The recommended method for flashing the EEPROM is rpiboot.
See: https://github.com/raspberrypi/usbboot/blob/master/Readme.md
Run with -h for more information.

To enable flashrom programming of the EEPROM
Add these the following entries to /etc/default/rpi-eeprom-update

and these entries to config.txt and reboot

The kernel packages has several fixups including the commits that 6by9 did that @tartanpion was testing for a memory leak. Looks like they were only doing fixups this week and no kernel upgrades. The top 20 commits here are new this week; added to both kernel tree’s:



what is rpi4-post-install package?

A package that installs rpi specific things. I updated it to install a file the pi5 needs. Each device has it’s own post-install.

6.6-2 not good than 6.6-1, but can’t tell where or what?

I have put it through quite a work out here and have not run into any issues on xfce. It just happened to be the last kernel I installed. The only difference is the commits I linked above.

did not see any about Pi5 in 6.7-rc1 summary.

Me either. No .dts yet in the tree.


found this, does it matter?
*enables all media drivers to use VB2 kAPI instead of the old V4L2 core videobuf kAPI, which was removed.

The latest linux-rpi4-mainline kernel packages has been pushed to the unstable branch when the mirrors sync.

linux-rpi4 mainline-6.6.1-1
linux-rpi4-mainline-headers 6.6.1-1
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done, thanks

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The latest linux-rpi4 / linux-rpi5 kernel and rpi-overlays packages has been pushed to the unstable branch when the mirrors sync.

linux-rpi4 6.1.62-1
linux-rpi4-headers 6.1.62-1
linux-rpi5 6.1.62-1
linux-rpi5-headers 6.1.62-1
rpi-overlays 6.1.62-1

Pi5 drivers will upstream until 6.8 not 6.7 :rofl:

And mesa 23.3. I have tested the upstream kernel every once in a while and it seems to do pretty good but there is a lot of more support on the rpi kernel for their attachments. I also never got kodi to do HW decoding with h265/h264 but I have not revisited it in over a year.


So it is better to stay with kernel 6.1 in combination with the patched mesa you posted earlier in the thread?

For the pi5 yes for right now. Don’t get the linux-rpi5 (Pi Foundation) kernel in our repo confused with the linux (upstream AARCH64) kernel in our repo though which the article linked to above is discussing where the pi5 support will be in 6.8. So mesa 23.3 will at that time will work with it.

When mesa 23.3 hits our repo it should work with the Pi Foundation’s kernel as they have already made the changes with their kernels and are submitting PR’s to mesa and upstream kernel. I have been holding off pushing linux-rpi5-mainline / linuxrpi5-rc kernels because of all of the daily fixups RPi has been doing getting their kernels lined out for the new pi5 addition.

It may take some time for me to upgrade the linux kernel package in our repo for the pi5 as I did for the pi4 after the pi5 support is added. Since no one here seems to be using it on the pi4 and I do not see it as a priority.

I finally got my DHL tracking number for my pi5. I will be glad when it gets here and be able to test with it. Working in the blind on support for it is getting old.

mesa-23.3-rc4 did not have patches for Pi5.

I wished that could be more direct like the formula 1…

Me too. It has been sitting in London at the DHL distribution center since the 17th.

These latest kernel / related packages has been pushed to the unstable branch when the mirrors sync.

linux-rpi4 6.1.63-1
linux-rpi4-headers 6.1.63-1
linux-rpi4-mainline 6.6.2-1
linux-rpi4-mainline-headers 6.6.2-1
linux-rpi5 6.1.63-1
linux-rpi5-headers 6.1.63-1
raspberrypi-utils 20231120-1
rpi4-eeprom 20231121-1
rpi5-eeprom 20231121-1
rpi-overlays 6.1.63-1


They finally added the new 6.7-rc tree. linux-rpi4-rc packages pushed to the unstable branch when the mirrors sync.

linux-rpi4-rc 6.7.rc2-1
linux-rpi4-rc-headers 6.7.rc2-1