Raspberry pi 400: mouse broken after latest update

I haven’t updated in a while, so I am not entirely sure which update one caused it. I have kde(-staging) installed, but I almost exclusively use i3-gaps now.

The update took a whole lot longer than usual. After finishing the update, I tried to mount an usb stick and i got the message that the exfat filesystem was not supported. I assumed it was just a fluke due to the update. After restarting mounting the usb did work again, but now my mouse is lagging behind. When i move my mouse, it is very hard to coordinate. it will first move very slowly, then teleport to the location it is meant to be. When I move my mouse aronud quickly, it will keep moving for about a second after.

Anything else still seems to work and I don’t think it is a performance problem or memory leak, as the cpu and ram stats seem fairly normal

My guess would be that it’s an issue with a mouse driver, but I am not sure. How to fix this?

Edit: I am using a wired mouse


description: Mouse
                      product: USB Optical Mouse
                      vendor: PixArt
                      physical id: 2
                      bus info: usb@1:1.2
                      version: 1.00
                      capabilities: usb-1.10
                      configuration: driver=usbhid maxpower=100mA speed=2Mbit/s


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thank you, soved! sorry for the repost, I couldn’t find it on google

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