Raspberry Pi 4 Model B: Fan control in Manjaro for the official case with associated case fan

Hi folks
I recently got a Raspberry 4 B (8 GB RAM) with official red and white case and fan included. The fan, when spinning up at full speed, is relatively loud with a very bright noise that is unpleasant in the long run.
In the Raspberry Pi OS (based on Debian Buster), there is a fan control for the GPIO that only allows the fan to spin up fully when the CPU is close to 80°C. This is the ARM CPU’s default throttling temperature. The throttling temperature can also be configured in the fan control. Normally, the throttling temperature is not reached if the fan turns up fully for a few seconds in time as soon as the CPU is about to reach the defined point…

In contrast, I have not been able to discover such a fan controller in Manjaro, nor have I found an AUR package or anything similar. Maybe someone knows if there is something after all or can help with a script? Thank you in advance!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Overall, though, I think Manjaro ARM is very well done and would prefer that on my Raspi, since I mostly use Manjaro on my computers anyway, and Arch on one machine. :heart_eyes:

Add this line to the config.txt file


the fan will come on and go off again as needed.


Thank you so much @sawdoctor!! :blush:
Manjaro generally works great on Raspberry Pi. However, I would like to see a configuration dialog for fan control and overclocking the CPU, with the possibility of a reset to the default values. That would be, I think, a bit more intuitive than if it was only doable by editing the /boot/config.txt file. Maybe this could be an idea for @Strit and others, so that Manjaro can become number one for even more people on the Raspberry Pi.

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