Raspberry Pi 3B stuck at boot



I’ve installed the latest Manjaro-ARM-lxqt-rpi2-18.10.zip on my Raspberry Pi 3B & updated it (which was around 450MB). But after updating, the Pi got stuck at boot with the following messages:


So I flashed the SD Card again (I’m using Etcher) to start from scratch & everything was fine. But after updating it got stuck at boot again with the same messages.

I’m sure there isn’t any problem with the voltage/power supply (as seen in the messages) because it works fine until the update. Also, the other distros work fine too.


Try the new minimal image for rpi2 instead. That was built not long ago.

Or you can try the lxqt image again and ignore the linux-raspberrypi update.


I know this might sound weird, but Manjaro ARM on the Rpi3 has been much easier to work with than the official editions on the X86 platform