Rasberry Pi 3B+ cannot boot the system of aarch64 architecture


I’ve installed manjaro-arm-lxqt-rpi3-19.02 on my board. There was a problem when I started it up. The screen shows the following picture:

I tried to boot the system by typing the command “boot” on the keyboard, but there was no response (the raspberry pi would get stuck a few seconds after the page appeared, I could not type any things through the keyboard, the PWR indicator would always be on, and the ACT indicator would remain off).
I tried to boot with EFI, but the raspberry pi stuck when the kernel was loaded into memory. This problem did not appear on the armv7 architecture. Arch Linux ARM had the same problem. The other tested systems: Fedora, openSUSE’s aarch64 architecture can avoid u-boot problem through EFI boot, Debian and Ubuntu can boot directly.


If Arch also has the same problem, I can’t help much. I don’t have a 3B+ to test with, I only test on a 3B.