Rapid mouseout of program icon causes larger preview pop-up to appear and flash when hover over other icons?

Hello, I noticed something odd with my KDE. If I hover over an icon of an open program at the bottom of the screen and, while the little preview pop-up is active, very quickly mouseout (better with a downward motion first) of the icon and hover over one of the icons on the far right such as the network, volume, clipboard contents icons, the pop-up over the orignal program icon will start to flash rapidly and is larger than normal. It flashes for several seconds and then stops but will repeat when hover over a new icon until the original is click again. It seems to happen most often for me when hovering over the Kate icon.

I took a screen shot of it while composing this question. It’s hard to tell but my mouse pointer is over in the lower right-hand corner and hovering there made the date pop up. While there, in the left-hand side of the screen the Kate pop-up is much larger than normal and flashing.

Any idea why this would happen?

Thank you.


Have you tried with the default Breeze for your KDE Plasma Panel, Decoration and Style and clear the ~/.cache folder?

That can be turned off in the dolphin settings.

Thanks. I tried clearing the cache but that didn’t make a difference. Haven’t yet tried changing the theme; am using Oxygen.

I’m no expert but have a bit of experience building UI pieces (not Qt) and it behaves as if the mouseout event isn’t catching something when the mouse is moved down toward off the bottom of the screen very quickly. It doesn’t happen if move in a different direction. It’s not a problem and only happens on occasion when mouse movements just line up right because I move too fast and can be corrected by clicking the icon that the mouseout event took place on triggering it.