Rapid Firefox upgrades in all branches possible?

Hey guys,
would it be possible that the latest Firefox version could always be pushed to the stable branch as well? It sometimes happens that a Firefox version can have annoying bugs, but then they are quickly fixed in a subsequent version. These are then in the unstable and testing branch, but not in stable. Here, you sometimes have to wait about a month for the latest Firefox. This was not the case some time ago. For a browser like Firefox, timely updates are very relevant, and even fixed releases like Linux MInt quickly implement the latest Firefox version in their repos. I run all 3 branches of Manjaro on different machines, however, I have to stay in the stable branch on my workstation.
I also don’t think that a constant Firefox update would have an impact on system stability, so you could do that in the stable branch without any problems. All of the above also applies to Thunderbird.

Packages like Firefox, Thunderbird, Chromium, etc. are normally only fast-tracked for security updates.

Think of each branch as a separate version of Manjaro. If there are different toolchain and/or library versions between branches, the packages must be rebuilt. One example is GCC 13 which is not yet available in the stable branch. In some cases, packages will not build against the older versions in the stable branch.

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