/Rant ON/ Annoying trend lately...

Has anyone else noticed the annoying behavior when someone posts a help thread, leads the helper on a wild goose chase because they have left out some pertinent information, and then the thread culminates in the user stating "Oh yea I did this, undid it and now my problem is solved!"


Well, i have to agree, but not entirely ... Somehow i wish i was mind reader (even tho i'm sure reading some minds would made me puke and cause me nausea - so, that would be a really bad idea), or at least have all the possible scenarios, for a culprit, lined up in a bulk list and just ready to mention them. Sadly, the information comes sometimes chaotic, and maybe is because the OP have their own tempo, as we do, when gathering information and sharing it; that is a disadvantage when comes to technical stuff, but it doesn't show ignorance or trickster behavior from the OP, just the lack of experience, hence newbie.
We have to be patient with such situations and help requests (if time is not an issue), and for sure talk about and point them out, so next time we don't chase green horses, but it can be done with kindness so nobody will run scared and never come back. :slight_smile:


It must just be my cynical self...

Hello yes, thanks for mentioning my thread. I'm a complete newbie and tried to be as concrete as I could in that particular thread. It's been a month since I last used my PC because of that problem, but I finally solved it. I appreciate your help anyway.


One of my biggest pet peeves for a long time now:

It's called inexperience with computers and software. You can't expect everybody knowing the results of every action. When there is a certain setting in the BIOS which is not set properly, you don't know it is set wrong cause you have no idea what it does.

The amount of Linux users is growing, many hate MS so much they delete Windows and start using Linux but they are no computer/software experts. Should they not be allowed to use Linux because they are no experts? That would be a strange opinion, right?

Thing is to keep asking questions to find out what is wrong, what they did before this happened, hoping the OP cooperates in giving the right answers. Or stay away from the forum.


Imagine going to your doctors because you were in excruciating stomach pain. The doctor gives you samples of stomach medication and treats you for an hour without any pain remission. When it becomes obvious the doctor has no more time to deal with your issue, you finally mention you heard raw oysters were a delicacy so you tried some last night. Nobody ever told you that you were supposed to shuck them before eating. Dooooh... :crazy_face:


Can you imagine trying to tell a male silverback gorilla to peel his banana before eating it...? Now, I bet that would be an interesting subject of debate wouldn't it :laughing:!

You would get knocked down at your first glance to look into his eyes, there would be no debate, just a deep sleep :smiley:


The last new member I wasted time trying to help that left out crucial information I added a facepalm emote to the 'I solved it because I realised I'd screwed the system up myself by...' post and they left the forum as a result. They also made wild accusations about forum members abusing them on their github account.

Probably the best example of a rattle being thrown from the pram I've seen to date.

My grumpy middle-aged git thoughts on this - Yes it's frustrating but worse than that increasingly common. It could be a generational thing though, I'd hazard a guess some folks aren't being raised and educated the same way we were.


take a breath guys, it's reality of IT support, and nobody forces us....


Not everyone has the patience though. When you have to pull each and every bit of information out of someone's ar*e, it's understandable that people - both OP and helper - get annoyed.

Bit harsh, or else I should have left the forum ages ago :slight_smile:
Rather "stay away from the thread".

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I have thought about that, but since the OP writes about a trend lately that more and more people can't/won't/don't give all the info they should give to get good help I thought staying away from the forum is better. But I see your point.

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After a lengthy enough period of victim-hood with any one user, it's time to move on.

There--I've said it.



Just so things don't get confused here. I am not saying that we shouldn't be noob friendly and helpful. After all I am by definition just that a noob. Two things initially got the better part of my cynical side unfortunately. First off the total lack of basic research that is not being done by the new users. I understood from the get go reading about linux in general that if you wanted anyone to help you at all you had to have at least done the basic research required. Failure to do so is simply disrespectful to the veterans you are seeking the help from. At the very least ask for a link to get started on and come back better prepared to have a meaningful conversation. Secondly, the almost skillful troll-like execution of the initial trend. It is almost like the OP knows what the issue is and the solve is like the prize at the end. They just string helpers along long enough to make the post seem legitimate and then post whatever information that was causing the actual issue and solve their own post. (Something our friend in post #3 has done now three times.) Any problems I may have encountered thus far in using manjaro I have been able to find here on the forums if I looked correctly or already knew about having read it somewhere before. This leads to the last issue that got me annoyed initially. Noobs researching these forums looking for solutions or simply reading about issues and how to solve them get distracted by these types of posts as a sort of rabbit hole of their time that they could have better spent researching something else.

Sorry about the wall of text :hugs:

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It's annoying because you have more experience, and understand concepts that might still be foreign to new users. We all have to start somewhere, and we're not all technical, or logical, to the same level. Don't get too grumpy.. :slight_smile:

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If I may ask, I seem to have a problem with my computer.
I try to install Manajaroo, but my computer says no.

What would I do now?

Info: computer is black.


Have you tried turning it off and on again? :grin:


No, I don't know how to...


its really easy take a hammer and make a hit on the screen.
if still not working burn it.

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