Rant: JavaScript on Manjaro.org and that thing with *Simplicity*

Who had the idea to introduce the current amount of JavaScript to the Manjaro website? And what are all those fancy animations for? Without JavaScript, the site is literally unusable. And who thought that "Enjoy the simplicity" was the correct description for that?

I'm sick of explaining to other people irl that Manjaro is a good distro (convenient repo additions, stability, has AUR, good installer, etc.) while having to justify that website. Every person I talk to that has used Linux before opens the website and says "No thank you, whoever thought that was simplicity isn't thinking clearly".
That may sound harsh and is exaggerated, but there is a core truth to that.
A distro selling merch with "Enjoy the simplicity" on it should have a better, more minimalistic, website. Wouldn't it be enough to have a static site generated by jekyll or hugo or some tool that just consists of html and a bit of css? What are all those anaimations for anyway? Everywhere you click, that stupid spinner opens to load what?

Essentially 5 Bytes worth of text and a ~500x500 png.
In extreme cases I wait for a fading animation for this:

G f**ing G.

Why am I waiting for that stupid JavaScript spinner and the accompanying fade animations to load such simple content (no content at all in the 2nd case)?

I read Fefe's Blog occasionally and am amazed every time. Even when having flaky mobile connectivity, that website always loads. How come? Why is that?
Because it is PLAIN TEXT. How the web used to be. How it should have stayed.
And you know what? It gets the job done! A blog doesn't need any more than that for it's core functionality!

Of course the Manjaro website can't be plain text nowadays. It's not the web-hipster way. It would need some fancy images and css at least.
But what it certainly doesn't need is that stupid spinner, fading animations and those stupid icons flying in from the right side on the startpage:

Why is there even a Facebook link? And why no Mastodon or something similar?

TLDR: If a website struggles to scroll smoothly directly after loading the page on my Intel i9-9980HK because things are flying all over the place while fading and sliding under and above each other at the same time, sh** has already hit the fan. It hit the fan and turned into a fine-grained cloud of brown that covers the room in a thin film.

It sucks. HARD.

Change it. PLEASE!

EDIT: Some people think I'm trying to insult someone personally or downplay someones contribution to the project they sacrificed free time for. I'm not. This is a RANT. The illustrative language is to show how these things can drive someone mad. The thing is that a lot (almost all) of this can be avoided by making different design decisions. That is the thing I'm mad about. I'm not mad at the contributor or the person who merged it, it was an improvement in a lot of ways I'm sure. But Having to justify irl that a website delivering mostly text and images doesn't work without JavaScript is tedious.


PS: Also change that section about "Free" Software on the front page:


Free software is not free beer. Manjaro being a GNU/Linux distribution should clarify to everyone that it's not about the money part. Win10 is also free (~3€ on the internet or almost any old Win7 key).
That doesn't make it Free software.


That was an epic rant.

I feel like making the website be plain text would cause a lot of rants that the website wasn't "professional" or "modern"

Isn't that just your interpretation? I don't see any reference to it being about money.


It might be a rant but I tend to agree with avoiding website bloat.

Hence the design principles behind manjaro32.org. :grin:

I also quite like my Dr project. Beat that for clean source code.


You are not mistaken, it is my interpretation. But it could be clearer what Free/Libre stands for.
Also, look at the icon/emoji thing that was chosen. Not much to interpret what that stands for I'm afraid.

MUCH better. Even though I don't like the font very much and it doesn't redirect to Https by default, it is small, minimalist and doesn't distract from the main content. The text.

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While I dont exactly enjoy over-engineered things or java etc ..

This may most likely fall in the category of 'you cant please everyone'.

Maybe you do not know how often it was asked for the site to 'be more professional' .. or for 'feature x' like repo search etc.

The main thing is for it to be useful and point people to information and build rapport.

I think it generally does that .. and aims to be better at it.

If you need to 'convince' anyone that a modern site isnt as slimmed down and pedantic as pale moon then maybe sure they should buy the 'btw I use Arch' shirts instead.

On top of all that - you do realize this was volunteer work done recently, in continued development, and that they are a person here who has undeniably done a good job for free. So this all also just kinda sounds jerky to me.


I think it's all about personal taste. Personally I like it a lot, but I can imagine some of us here will find it too fancy. (what I think is totally crazy)

To me the website looks attractive, inviting.

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For a fact, I don't. But the state it is in now can't be the final solution.

Some of this may sound like it, but I do not intend to play down anyones contribution. Especially if someone sacrificed free time for it. That's why I put this in the "Rants" category and stated it in the title. Take it with a grain of salt.

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It certainly is inviting and colourful, yes. I don't deny that. But I am sure that the same effect could be achieved without that much, to use the meme, "bloat".

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Thanks for promoting and defending Manjaro as a distro!

The criticisism of the website should be evaluated.

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It's looks nice and performs well on my older and far less powerful hardware but clearly the OP would prefer the 1st April version of manjaro home page :wink:


Oh my ... was that a joke that did not go over well
(I wont search or link them here .. but there are some ... unhappy threads about it)

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yeah, I remember them well. I thought it was quite funny personally.

Who was it that did the gopher one ? fedora ?

Ohp. devuan.


(found it @antikythera)


manjaro is not kiss :wink: why want a minilist site, we are not archlinux

is a hugo site !

:+1: animation between each page gives me the impression of a slow site (that a workpress blog is faster)

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if people want all the flashy bells and whistles to feel like it's a 'modern' site, fine, but not when there's a significant performance degradation and not when the site can't work without them.

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As a matter of fact, I did not know that!
The part I wanted to emphasize there is the static. No Javascript, no nothing. Just some HTML and some CSS. Hugo and Jekyll are random examples of static site generators I know of. :wink:

Well, that is kind of extreme, yes.
But it was great fun and loaded much more quickly than the current one I presume. ;D

In Windows IE it takes ages to load the news.

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