Rant and discussion on stable update 2019-01-23

It’s totally crazy to not forcing to not preactivate downgrading by a scipt and crashing novice users don’t watch any forums


If you have time, I know TuxnVape are french if you can access Discord channel for vocal and have ssh in live manjaro and can NAT a port I can help you step by step to unbrake your system

Thanks, but I got it! I just had to recreate the initramfs for my kernel w/ mkinitcpio

yeah of course
sudo mkinitcpio -p linux41x

We will remove all manjaro custom ISOs from TNV website, don’t want to take responsibility of your stupids crashy updates anymore… Just help users and nothing more

Novice users don’t have to know nothing just update and work. Full responsibility of this is for the authors of Manjaro

I feel reading release notes is important. The authors tried their best to mention about and it was mentioned in testing update. Reading a release note which will take less than 5 minutes can save hours of hassle. I don’t know much about linux just started using it few months ago. But I always read the release note.
The devs spend so much time in maintaining manjaro. This is the least we can do.


Nothing this is Why linux FAILS always and Microsoft are the first if you do something do it good or do nothing

Windows October update had so many bugs and it even deleted user files. But anyways this is not the right place to talk about it.


Learn to do backups.


This updates without an epoch is insane

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That’s not me that’s for beginners, you just don’t want to understand

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although its good to automate,but on rolling you cant expect nothing to break.manjaro devs already try their best to make it automate(at the cost of delayed updates than the true bleeding edge).but if you dont want to read announcements then you should not use rolling.stick to point release.or half rolling.


This is not about rolling, this is just Manjaro Team has crushed deliberately the systems with this, frog says use epoch. Not Rolling fault not Arch or systemd fault just manjaro make ■■■■

I will strongly disagree with you that Linux always fails as it very rarely doesn’t. The fact is that Linux, especially rolling release type Distro are by their nature requires users to RTFM and use forums to get the best results out of Linux.


sure its as you say
not gonna bother you

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I’ve been using Manjaro since Aug 2015 and today is the first time I managed to break the system since I start using it. And it was my fault since I didn’t do the package downgrade after doing the update.

And it was an easy fix if you know how. This is why you RTFM and forum.

Let’s end the discussion. As we can’t change perception of other users. The devs get notification for every post here. So discussing about this is not good as they will get notified about this which is not related to update.


I was a novice user and I RTFM and lurked user forums before considering using it.


I agree the issue in this update could have been better handled. I don’t think this is the place to discuss this.

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