Ranger exits with "cannot find directory"




I’ve been waiting with ranger package a few releases.
I’ve downgraded it to 1.7.2-2 version since a couple of months ago.

With newer releases the package shows this errors:


I’m working with i3 community release.

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards.

[Stable Update x32] 2018-04-15 - Kernel 4.14, GNOME 3.28.1, catch-up

A fresh install of 1.9.1-1.0 runs fine for me.

Have you added a plugin, e.g. which uses tmux?



Thank you so much, jonathon.

There was the problem,
set update_tmux_title true
into my rc.conf file.

Running smoothly now with latest release.

Best regards!


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