Random user account popped up

Hello, I am a newbie who directly jumped into manjaro. Learning my way through errors.

Today I wanted to delete jupyter snap that I installed by error. During the process I had password errors, even though I was entering correct password. To check that I locked the screen and tried to unlock. However, it would keep saying the same. I restarted after which my password started working again. I went to the system settings to check my admin password and found out there were two user accounts. One is mine and second one named “nobody”. I deleted it right away. Could someone help me and explain why that might have happened.

Also, recently I had issues like my entire system just locking s.t I cant move my mouse and keyboard but whatever I was doing would keep working on the screen.

P.S if there is any information needed please let me know. Thanks!

Hi, welcome! The “nobody” user account is a system account, and is intended for running with unprivileged access. Some applications may, for example, run as user “nobody”. You may find that you have issues without this account, but I think it should be recreated by sysusers after a restart. If not, you may need to manually recreate the account to avoid issues.


Thanks! Do you have any thoughts about the system not recognizing my password hardware input freezes?

Is it possible that, when typing your password, the key taps weren’t always being registered? Did you check the correct number of characters, or if a toggle like Caps lock enabled? If you are having some issues with mouse and keyboard input not being registered, then CPU consumption may be a possibility. Have you looked at system resource usage during any of the times these issues have occurred? For example, I tend to use htop for system monitoring, which I believe is installed by default on Manjaro KDE. If something is eating up all the CPU that would be the first place I would look to try and fix the problem.

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