Random thought .. possible to switch virtual desktops per monitor? KDE Plasma

I haven’t really looked into this but it would be handy if eg. you wanted to reference something on another virtual desktop whilst working on something in another, then switch back to carry on with what you’re doing. This might save having multiple instances of programs open across desktops, etc.

Sorry if this has been dealt with before, been a bit too tied up to spend much time on here lately.

Possible if you run 2 separate xserver sessions, but I doubt that works with KDE easily.

I don’t believe this is a feature, but this is precisely why we have Kwin scripts. Not sure if one exists, but it is definitely doable. (Not perfectly, just by moving the windows to fake it.)

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Interesting ideas, thanks. Unfortunately I don’t know a lot about scripting but I know someone who does!

I suppose an alternative would be to have programs displayed on selected virtual desktops, rather than one or all. That would save obscuring something you might want to check with a focused window.

If this is actually of interest I might suggest it on one of the KDE dev’s channels.

Please do not just go up to your programmer friend and ask them to make things for you.

No intention of that, just guidance!

If you with desktop is referring to KDE vs Gnome vs XFC vs Deepin vs … - it makes no sense.

It would likely be easier to run a virtual machine - and safer as you can paddle around without disturbing your current functional system.

That’s what Activities are for. With Activities, you can do that, with virtual desktops you cannot.

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They are referring to virtual desktops, not desktop environments.


As I run a two monitor setup usi g my laptop screen and an external monitor, I have wondered about this very thing myself. I mean, I have a single monitor mode activity for when I take the laptop on the road.

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That is exactly my usage case as well. Having the Display Configurations easily accessible from the panel is very handy for that.

Also, @fasto That is correct. If I want to test out a different DE, I’ll use one of my VirtualBox VMs. Handy if I want to work on someone else’s system as I can familiarize myself with them or refresh my memory.

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Re. applications on selected virtual desktops:

Apologies for bumping this but thought I’d add that this does indeed work in a Wayland session. You can select whichever desktops you want the program to be displayed on! :slight_smile: This works fine for me.

Thanks for all the responses!