Random system freezez


I am fairly new to linux and this is few days old instalation of manjaro. Everything goes well apart from random freezes. Could you please help me fix the issue if possible at all and understand what is going on.

Hardware information

journalctl -f during the freeze


I’m a fairly new too, for four years …
so in your case, I would totally resinstall your system…

  • The choise of drivers is very important : your choise would be “proprietary drivers (huawei) / or Free-Linux drivers” . depend of compatibylity with your hardware. In your case, I would firstly choise proprietary drivers and in case of problems, Il would reinsall the Linux-org drivers.

In case you would reinstall Linux drivers, try the following command :
sudo pacman -Syu xorg-drivers –needed
(Suggested by linux-aarhusSysAdmin)

  • In some cases, it is better to choise the last stable Linux kernel , not the lastest kernel one.

  • When installing from the latest one ISO-KDE, i always prefered a swap partition “with no hibernation”; more stable.

So hopping helping you.

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If this is a new install, the same issue might return if not solved, unless the source is a user change after the installation.

In the log there are amdgpu errors, it would be a good idea to search this forum for those errors and see if there are common solutions. Browsing the stable announcement posts and reading through the common issues& solutions might present a solution.

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