Random short touchpad freezes

Btw, after running hid-recorder, you can also run “sudo hid-replay hid_reports” to see if the problem can be reproduced.

I froze for several swipes.

When I replay the log file the cursor seems to make the same freeze, but it only moves on the upper edge of the screen; my touchpad movements were done in the middle part of the screen.

Here’s what I see on my screen,
(left to right)
(right to left)

I see three pauses at point a, b and c respective. All the movements are done in a non-stop, continuous way, right?

Can you try GitHub - coiby/standalone_i2c_hid at polling_regardless_of_gpio_pin_state and then paste the result of hid-recorder?

Hello @coiby

I still get freezes with the github code. DO you need some more traces?

Thank you for providing the feedback! It seems your touchpad hasn’t been set up properly by the driver. Is it possible for me to access your OS via Teamviewer to debug this issue?