Random black screen crash AMD rx 5600 xt

Hi all, I had serious issue with my gpu rx 5600 xt on previous manjaro install, I moved to Opensuse but the problem persisted until I installed this driver:

I want to get back to Manjaro but in the AMD driver page there is no drivers for arch.
Where can I find the drivers (by AMD) for manjaro ? thank you.

you have to choose Free Drivers on install

It’s built into the kernel itself. You don’t need to download any drivers at all for AMD GPUs, unless you REALLY need to use AMDGPU-Pro for some very specific reason.

But I have random black screen crash, I think it’s a kernel panic which led my Manjaro to be unusable. I also tried updating kernel to 5.9 without success, the bug’s still present.
As I said this is not a Manjaro fault, since the same issue was present on OpenSuse until I installed AMD proprietary drivers for opensuse. But Can’t find it for Arch manjaro



Do note that all of the AMDGPU-PRO packages are in AUR, not in the Manjaro Repo.

5.9 is EOL. Have you tried 5.10 or 5.11?

I have a 5700 XT and it works great on 5.10, didn’t work well on 5.8 or 5.9 though.

Thank you.
I didn’t try 5.10 5.11 yet.
I had manjaro as daily driver with my work in it. But after repeating kernel panic I reinstalled opensuse with amdgpu driver.
Now I want to get Manjaro back with the hope that the issue will vanish with kernel 5.10 5.11 or amdgpu pro driver.
Thank you again.

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