I like to see Rambox messenger in the Manjaro repositories :blush:

give a little more background here?


Very unlikely that this will be included:

  1. Your request lacks a lot of information and arguments why it should be added as @steanne already pointed out
  2. It is already in the AUR: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/rambox-bin/
  3. It is licensed and it is not permitted to be redistributed unless you are an authorized reseller: https://rambox.pro/#eula
    Edit: The community edition seems to be licensed under GPL v3: https://github.com/ramboxapp/community-edition#licence

Rambox is in AUR repositories and have to build it .
Lot of people use rambox and it is a nice messenger .
That's the reasen it will be nice to have it in Manjaro repo

Yes but it shouldn't be too much effort because there is a binary-version.

The rambox package is built from source, however the rambox-bin package is not. The -bin suffix indicates it's a precompiled binary source.

Also, rambox-bin is available in the unofficial Arch herecura repo.


Thanks for the information .
I learn a little bit more about the system and how it works .

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