Rambox not running on startup and not showing the tray icon

Afther install with Pamac, it works fine, but won’t run on startup, so i had to do it manually here:

But another problem is that the tray icon in the top bar doesn’t appear when executing :face_with_diagonal_mouth: any ideas?

Not the solution but have you tried hamsket? Its in the aur and an open source fork of rambox. Works really well on manjaro

Thank you! but i’d like to use Rambox :slight_smile:

Hamsket pretty much is rambox, same ui, same logo everything. If it absolutely has to be rambox have you tried the bin files or the beta to see if there’s any difference? Think there’s also a flatpak

I saw the link, and it seems to be a previous version, the new rambox version has a better UI