Raise/lower window using modifer + mousewheel only lowers window

Hi guys, first time posting so i apologize in advance if there’s any required information missing.
Been using manjaro KDE for a while now, and i’ve encountered a small issue i’d appreciate some help with.

When setting any modifier key + mouse wheel to raise/lower window (See screenshot),
it will only work when i scroll down with my mouse, but not up.
I’ve tried several other distros with KDE (kubuntu, neon, mx) and this issue seems to happen in all of them.
any suggestions?


The logic behind is that the respective window has to be in focus in order for Windows Actions to work … there is no way around it. In most cases, once the X window is in focus and then lowered - it will lose focus. Either Task manager and/or Only Icons Task manager will give back the focus to a specific application window, otherwise the Y will gain focus, and that can be the desktop itself, hence the raise will not happen.

Thanks for that, makes sense when you put it that way

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