RAID with LUKS won't boot on new installation

Hi all,
I’m new to Manjaro coming from RHEL world. I tried to install Manjaro on my laptop with RAID1 and LUKS and it just wont boot no meter what I do, using the GUI or architect, manual partitioning or the default. I tried to install it on my laptop and spend a lot of time and to save time, I tried in virtual and no luck. I get dropped in to emergency console.
Here is how I partition my drives. Am I missing something? I think that there is some sort of a bug in the installer. Tried to do the same config on openSUSE works every time.

sda1 - FAT32 /boot/efi
sda2 - md0

sdb1 - none
sdb2 md0 → LUCKS
md0p1 /
md0p2 swap

What error does it give in the emergency console?

What bootloader did you use? There is a bug with systemd-boot if you install it in /boot/efi. Not sure for grub (if that is the issue though, could also be another issue)

bootloader is grub and the error is something like UUID XXXX-XXXX not found