Raid 0 for non-boot drive.

Hey All,

New to Linux in general. i am using Manjaro KDE and my goal is to have my 3 1tb samsung ssd's in a raid 0 to store games. I have been digging around trying to find some way how to do it and am finding a bunch of "Why would you do that" and "just use LVM". I have looked into LVM and as i said im not used to using Terminal to make changes like that. In windows its literally cntrl click the drives you want in raid, right click and click stripped. its like stupid easy. Is there an easy method to just push these 3 drives together in a raid0 or does someone happen to have the time to go through LVM and walk me through it because honestly im reading the wiki on it and it is not making much sense. there is just so much extraneous information that going through the wiki and piecing together what i need is extremely difficult.

Thanks for you time.


I have managed to get to a point where i have my /dev/md1 raid partition but now it is in read only state... anyone know how to fix this?


Found the easy way around my problem. My solution is to log in as root user (didnt realize that was a different user account) and just assign my login as owner since it is only storing steam games. Makes it easy.

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