'radeon-scripts' - another new AMD/AMDGPU utility




Scripts to manage various aspects of the AMD line of cards in Linux.


Set AMD Vega clock/voltage/profile settings:

Reduce temps
Increase performance
Increase longevity of card


Script to set AMD card fan curves

The project is still very young, but could be interesting for some.
[will also be interesting to see how this jives with wattman-gtk]

AMD hardware support in Manjaro

Is vega-fan-control similar to amdgpu-fancontrol? But more targeted to the Vega Series rather the RX 500/400 Series.

I recently switched to an AMD RX 580 GPU. My first AMD/ATI since the introduction of AGP in the late 90s.

I use amdgpu-fancontrol and it works quite good. I changed the temperature values a little bit, so the fans run with low rpm in idle. Before that, the fans started and stopped in a short interval.