Radeon RX 5700 XT not seen by Blender

I am having trouble getting the driver for my Radeon RX 5700 XT GPU installed

I first noticed it in Blender. There is a place in Blender where you can select how rendering is done, and you can manually select your CPU or your GPU depending on the render engines
My system is not seeing my GPU, eventhough my screen is plugged into it.

I had hoped Ubuntu would have been a plug and play with this graphics card but does not seem to be so.

I then tried to install driver...

But still no luck.

Does anyone have a tip for me to get this resovled



Why are you here if you're using Ubuntu?

That said have you checked the preferences? You select which GPU to use in there, then you can select it in render options. Probably won't help if you have other issues, but if you have a GUI then the GPU is working to some extent. (assuming you only have 1 GPU)

Also if it's your only GPU, get ready for a less responsive system. It can't draw the screen and render at the same time. Though I haven't used it in a couple of months, maybe they've improved that aspect. Browsing is doable, watching youtube etc is not.

Moved to Other OS.

Doesn't Ubuntu have there own forum these days?

Perhaps an Ubuntu forum would be a more appropriate place for Ubuntu questions.

Try Manjaro, having a newer software stack might improve your workflow significantly as AMD is now working hard to bring their devices good open-source drivers.
Or just pop in a LiveUSB Manjaro, install Blender and see if that would solve the problem by itself :slight_smile:


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