Radeon laptop: Image garbled when waking up from standby

I take it this is a known problem and I have to wait for a driver fix, but I wanted to ask if others can confirm it and there are any workarounds. I have an old Acer Aspire 5740G laptop and was thinking of using suspend on it when going away for some time: In principle it works, but whenever the device wakes up the image on the whole screen has a chance of being completely corrupted.

Fortunately I found a workaround that seems to work consistently: If I press Control + Alt + F# to switch to a different runlevel then back, the image will recover. I can at worst use that trick for now.

This laptop has an old AMD (ATI) graphics card. As such it only runs on the radeon module without any support for the newer amdgpu. I take it this might be a problem with the older driver.

Given that the radeon driver is part of the kernel itself, try switching to a different LTS kernel.

If it’s an old machine, then perhaps you should look into the 4.19, 5.4 5.10 or 5.15 kernels. All of those are LTS kernels.

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