qwikaccess - a point and click qt gui for scripts

so i thought i should share something that i have done with qt creator


it is a simple program made with qt.
its a gui to run scripts with clicks.

aur download --

pamac build qwikaccess-git

github repo --

the scripts here used are what i found them here on forum and on web.

if anyone interested in improving scripts please do so.


Looks really professional, should be really helpful :smiley:

Have you created an AUR package yet?


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Stupid question - flashlight?

yup it works
tested on postmarket os

Phone doh! (I did say stupid!!)

okay added new restart scripts and touchpad touchscreen on/off buttons
restart scripts credits @tbg
autohidpi script credits @cscs

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well .. I did once go on a hunt for a way to use a laptop webcam flash/light as a reading light ..

(I was not successful)

added keyboard backlight on/off button

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now ui is scrollable and good looking

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im now out of ideas
as to what to add next
if anyone has suggestions then tell.

added playerctl controls

Enabled status checking of almost all buttons

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You said something about ideas .. and I was just thinking .. depending on how this was widgetized or bound to sliding from the side of screen or similar .. it could work a lot like those budgie or deeping\ 'side configuration panel' things that some people liked so much.


well it is going to be in coreaction as a widget

which is a sidebar.

i had added the widget at start but now im delaying its addition until i feel its ready.

this app actually is a prototype.
made for testing until its ready to be added in coreaction.
but i will make coreaction widget qwickaccess and qwickaccess app as seperate.
as both have different things.

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raven. thats what the budgie one was.

now it looks okay on pinephone too

images by


so i have added qwikaccess parts to coreaction and coretoppings


Nice work.

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